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Snow shoe hiking and ski tours in the Salzkammergut region

Numerous winter sport offers in the Salzburg Land region

Ski tours in the Gaissau-Hintersee ski resort
Ski tours in the Gaissau-Hintersee ski resort

You can be at one with the nature of the Salzkammergut region when you are snow shoe hiking or when you go on a ski tour.

Walking over the fresh snow in the valley or going up to one of the peaks is something very special and you will be impressed with the surrounding scenery. Go on a snow shoe hike in Hintersee or on a ski tour up one of the mountains in the Osterhorn mountain range.

Snow shoe hiking in Hintersee

There are many different snow shoe hiking routes and slopes with powder snow starting from Hintersee. They are are waiting to be discovered. Starting at the end of the valley you can go towards Genneralm or just simply walk around the village of Hintersee. The Osterhorn mountain range has a lot to offer those who are passionate about snow shoe hiking. Family Ebner from DAS Hintersee knows the most beautiful routes and will gladly help you decide which way to go.

Ski tours in Hintersee

Your body and your soul will thank you for going on a ski tour in the Osterhorn mountain range. The starting point for your ski tour in the Salzkammergut region is just a few minutes' drive away. The peaks of the Osterhorn mountain range are up to 1,800 m above sea level – there is a breathtaking panoramic mountain view from the top. 

Ski tour tip: Hoher Zinken in Hintersee

The Hohe Zinken is one of the most popular mountains for ski tours in the region of Hintersee (Osterhorn mountain range). That is because the snow here is guaranteed and it is easy to go up the route. You start by going up through the wood near the Genneralm, then cross the idyllic pastures before going down to the bottom of the peak of the Hoher Zinken. Once you have reached the top skiing back down is the absolute highlight of this ski tour.

Tour details: Length about 12 kms, duration 3 1/2 hours, climb 1040 m

Ski tours in the Gaissau-Hintersee ski resort

Break on the top of the mountain
Ski tours in the Gaissau-Hintersee ski resort

The Gaissau-Hintersee ski resort is very popular among those going on ski tours as the routes are well laid out. There are ski tours for everyone – from those who just want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings to the more athletic who want to go up the peaks. There is something for everyone – and to top it all there is a magnificent view of the Alps.

Here is some interesting information if you want to go on a ski tour:

  • 3 peaks – Anzenberg, Wieserhörndl, Spielberg
  • 10 alpine cabins
  • every Wednesday: ski tours until 10 p.m.
  • € 5.00 charge for the car park per car,  € 7.00 per weekend

Snow shoe hiking and ski tours in the Salzburg Land region

You will be taken aback by the possibilities to go snow shoe hiking and on a ski tour around your holiday destination. Send your enquiry today to DAS Hintersee and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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