We guarantee:

  • the best price
  • the perfect room
  • the ideal offer to suit your individual requirements
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Receptionist handing over a room card

We guarantee:

  • the best price
  • the perfect room
  • the ideal offer to suit your individual requirements

Partners of the Hotel DAS Hintersee

The Salzburg province – your well-being hotel

We are on the list of "SalzburgerLand Hotels". SalzburgerLand Hotels guarantee next-level hospitality and promise that guests will feel every bit as comfortable as if they were at home.

The Fuschlsee region in the Salzkammergut

The seven towns of Ebenau, Faistenau, Fuschl am See, Hintersee, Hof bei Salzburg, Koppl and Thalgau in the Fuschlsee region are some of the most popular holiday destinations in Austria. Find out more about all the activities, sporting pursuits and events in and around the Fuschlsee.

We have also been distinguished with the title of a "hiking establishment" in the Fuschlsee region. All hiking establishments are able to supply guests with hiking maps, information on available tours and details of Alpine meadow destinations, dining options, road maps, emergency contacts & more. We can tell you everything you need to know for your hiking adventures in the Osterhorngruppe mountains. We are always happy to answer any questions and provide further information!

A man rides his mountain bike on a road, wearing shorts and a short t-shirt, as well as a sunglasses and a helmet
On your mountain bikes! Get set! GO!

Mountainbike Holidays

We are proud to be members of the Mountainbike Holidays Association, and we supply everything you need for your holiday with mountain bike. Mountainbike Holidays have all the necessary information for your mountain-biking holiday. Plan your trip with e-mountain-bike tours during your stay at the DAS Hintersee.

KTM e-mountain bikes

Our electric mountain bikes for hire are supplied by the KTM company. KTM has been manufacturing bicycles since 1964, and the company now produces high-quality e-bikes for touring and extreme sports. So grab your KTM e-bike and get exploring!

The BergeSeen eTrail

1 tour – 10 stages and the DAS Hintersee right in the middle. Explore the Salzkammergut with the new eMTB tour, the BergeSeen eTrail. During the second stage of the tour, you can stop by the DAS Hintersee to enjoy a delightful meal of local specialities. And if you're looking for an extra helping of relaxation, why not stay the night and enjoy an indulgent visit to our 350m² wellness area – the perfect way to prepare yourself for the next stage!

Local Hintersee beef

Enjoy the best local beef from our Hintersee farms. Like our partners, we value animal welfare and the ethical treatment of livestock. All the animals on our suppliers' farms spend their summers grazing the Alpine meadows. We source our beef from the following producers:

  • the Vordergrubenbach organic farm
  • the Mayerlehen farm
  • Bohn farmers
  • the Grapfer farm

Baked goods from the local area

Fresh bread is supplied by the Eder village bakery in Faistenau. The Eder bakery produces local, organic delicacies in keeping with their long and proud tradition and motto of "every loaf made with love" – and you can taste the difference!

The entire team at the Hotel DAS Hintersee are excited about our new status as a "certified hiking establishment" and our membership of the Mountainbike Holidays Association. Are you equally impressed? Would you like to spend your next holiday with us? Simply send us your obligation-free enquiry!