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Massages Salzkammergut: Pure relaxation in Hotel Hintersee

Treat yourself to a massage

Choose from a variety of different massages in DAS Hintersee.
Enjoy a pleasant massage in DAS Hintersee

Take time for yourself whilst you are staying at DAS Hintersee and treat yourself to a massage. Choose from a variety of different massages. You will feel so good afterwards.

Massage studio Herbert Willroider

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

You can book your massages when you book your holiday or you can book them whilst you are staying with us. We will gladly send you an offer including massages!

Tired? Exhausted? Worn out?

Do something good for yourself - enjoy a pleasant massage!
Choose from the following massages! Experience the way your body, mind and soul harmonise.

Classical Massage

The muscles are treated here. Tension is eased, the blood circulation is improved which in turn is good for the muscles. This enables your body and mind to relax.

25 minutes €29.00, 55 minutes €55.00

Foot reflex massage

This pleasant and relaxing from of massage uses pressure on certain reflex zones to activate the inner organs and joints. Acute pains can be eased and chronic pains too. Furthermore, the entire immune system is strengthened, e.g. headaches and digestion problems.

25 minutes € 29.00, 55 minutes € 55.00

Lymph drainage

This is the best way to reboot your lymphatic system and will help you to eliminate your body's waste. Lymphatic massage is a gentle pressure technique used to move the waste fluids from the damaged area, e.g. bruises or water retention in your legs.

25 minutes € 29.00, 55 minutes € 55.00

Acupuncture massage based on the Penzel approach

Under the Penzel approach illness, pain and depressive episodes are symptomatic of an energy blockage which can be cleared using acupuncture needles applied at the meridians. This procedure restores natural energy flows and triggers the body’s own healing processes.

25 minutes € 29.00, 55 minutes € 55.00

Sport massage

The sport massage is a supplement to the classical massage. Here the traditional techniques of the classical massage are combined with techniques particular to specific sports. This is a great addition to your normal regimen and will help you to regenerate and be supple.          

25 minutes € 29.00, 55 minutes € 55.00

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