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Joseph Mohr lives on in Hintersee

Joseph-Mohr chapel
Joseph-Mohr chapel made of wood and glass

The Jospeh Mohr Remembrance Trail was opened on the 14th of August 2018 with our govenor Mr. Dr. Wilfried Haslauer.

The trail extend over 1,2 km & is furnished with 6 different stations. 

A "MUST" for all Joseph Mohr & Silent night fans.


Station 1:

"The Philantropist” by Veronica Mrazek

The Pan-Art painting on canvas has the capacity to fascinate by the entire spectrum of colour and stroke used.
The painter and ceramist focuses on the memory of Joseph Mohr. This work of art wants to reflect Mohr's love
for other people without using too many details.

Station 2:

"Ode To Hintersee" by Bernd Horak

The panoramic painting (mixed technique of oil, acrylic and neon) in the Joseph Mohr Memorial Chapel is a voyage
of exploration between tradition and innovation. Through hidden details it shows the natural elements of the
landscape, which are related to the key subjects of „Silent night! Holy night!“ as well to Mohr's life in Hintersee.

Station 3:

"Joseph Mohr Sculpture" by Felix Igler

This fascinating sculpture made of iron and spruce wood wants to remember
Mohr's altruism/benevolence: Mohr gave to poor people support as well as food,
but also wood for heating.

"Wooden Xylophon" by Martin Ainz

The wooden xylophone made of larch invites you to play music: Why don't you play
the melody of ”Silent Night”? The artist said: ”This outsize musical instrument brings
the sound of the wood back to the forest passing through my work. It is unique to
bring something back to the nature”.

Station 4:

"Relaxation Lounger" by Michael Ebner

This relaxation lounger of larch wants to invite the Joseph Mohr Theme Trail's visitor to
enjoy the nature, to have free thoughts, to listen to music (”resounding baptismal font“).
The carpenter and artist Michael Ebner shows in his works his good aesthetic sense for

"Resounding Baptismal" by Matin Ainz

It is composed of an old wooden baptismal font and of a tabernacle from the Hintersee parish
church. It works like a barrel organ. The original melody of ”Silent Night! Holy Night!“ resounds,
when you press the button. For Martin Ainz it represents a worldwide wandering, from which
also derives the connection to Joseph Mohr as ”travelling priest“.

Station 5:

"The Huge Stone Gitar" 

The accessible stone guitar wants to remember
Joseph Mohr's guitar, which accompanied him all
his life.

Design: Maximilian Pristovnik (graduate engineer)
Carpenters' workshop (roof): Manuel Schlager
Masonry: Erasmus Brandstätter (builder)
Earthworks: Franz Radauer, Hintersee

"Angel" by Silvia Weinberger

The painting (layered technique) was reproduced, digitalized and printed on Alu-panel. The artist about it:
”Joseph Mohr made Hintersee more cheerful thanks to his altruism and his music. He brought joy and
light into poor peoples' lives“. This magic angel gives joy and light also to you!

Station 6:

"The Village Fountain" by Bernhard Winkler

Our fountains made of Untersberger marble invite you to have a break...
the water is drinkable!

"Joseph Mohr´s Bust" by Franz Lohinger

The sculptor Franz Lohninger from Neumarkt am Wallersee created the
bust in 1985. The new pedestal made of Untersberger marble is by
Bernhard Winkler, establishing in this way a connection with his fountains.


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