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Skiing in the Salzkammergut Region: the Boarder Park Gaissau-Hintersee

Fun and adventure especially for snowboarders

Boarderpak Gaissau-Hintersee
Boarderpark Gaissau-Hintersee

The popular ski resort Gaissau-Hintersee is not just perfect for skiing in the Salzkammergut region, it also has its own boarder park for freestylers and snowboarders. The wide variety of obstacles at the snow park give you the chance to try out new moves, perfect your artistic jumps or just simply stand there and enjoy watching what is going on.

A lot of fun and action whilst skiing can be had in the ski resort Gaissau-Hintersee. The boarder park Gaissau-Hintersee is a real paradise for snowboarders and freestylers, who want to enjoy both the excitement and the beauty of the snow in Hintersee.

Skiing in the Salzkammergut region: what the boarder park Gaissau-Hintersee has to offer

More than 13 obstacles await snowboarders and freestylers in the fun park in Hintersee. Among the obstacles there are also kickers with 15 metre high tables for further jumps as well as many rails and boxes. Have a look at the different obstacles:

  • 3 Kickers
  • Curved Box
  • Down Box
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Bonk Tonne
  • Down Rail
  • Corner
  • Reifen Bonk
  • Butter Boat
  • Atomic Stair Rail
  • Riders Base

In order to ensure perfect conditions and utmost safety whilst skiing and snowboarding in the Salzkammergut region the fun park is regularly reshaped and extended by professionals. They are also glad to give you information about the individual obstacles and can maybe give you a few tips! One thing is for certain: snowboarders and freestylers will have a wonderful time in the boarder park Gaissau-Hintersee in the beautiful Salzkammergut region. Something they will certainly not forget.

Snowboarding and skiing in the Salzkammergut region

Snowpark Gaissau-Hintersee
Funpark Gaissau-Hintersee

Whether you are a snowboarder or freestyler: in the ski resort Gaissau-Hintersee – there's something for everyone – and the same can be said about the 3-star Wohlfühlhotel Gasthof Hintersee. Send us your enquiry today and the hotel team will reply to you! It is time to go skiing in the Salzkammergut region!

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